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I still remember why I started my first social media account back in November 2009. I had been doing a lot of research while travelling and I was thankful that all these people sharing their experience and posting all the photos of food and places they have been. I just feel I should do the... Continue Reading →

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Join the Craft Cider revolution with over 100 ciders from 25 of Ontario’s finest  producers.  Kick off Ontario Craft Cider Week with the official drink of summer! OCCW Events Her Father’… Source: Cider Week 2017

My stories will continue at this new self hosted site jenktraveltoeat Hope to see you there!

My sister got me my first Le Sucre Bunny a few years ago with May embroidered on her foot since My sister is born in May. And of course I named her May. Then I got myself another bunny which is a special edition and ended up ordering different outfits for her and named her... Continue Reading →

The Old vs The New

I do enjoy simpler things in life. With this newer trend of fancy bakery shops popping up all over Toronto and GTA, I starting to value some traditional Chinese pastry. They are not instagram worthy or can attract all these LIKES, but food is more than just worth posting online. Sweetheart Cake 老婆餅 or Wife's Cake... Continue Reading →

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